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Post surgery.

On the 27th of April I had my tonsils removed. It took me some time to recovery from the initial infections, well the whole tongue throat reflux stuff. But beside the point.

The point of this post was to say, since the surgery I have cut down my paracetamol intake from around 11 pills a week to 0 pills a week.

Odd to think I didn’t even think that I took that many. But now I realise I did… I took a lot :/

Server Crash

The nightmare happened to us, that is. We lost our server to a hard drive failure.

Luckily I had a backup of the DB, but sadly not of the images that we had uploaded to the site.

Still I am pleased to have only lost a years of posts, even though I am unsure we even lost any blog posts.

We will be going through and trying to recover the images we have lost, they must still be on our computers somewhere 😀