Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt!

Aside from the fact that the conductor looks like the perfect kiddy fiddler/slow slicing murderous cannibal. Not many songs bring such a smile to my face as the Lug dawg, not to mention goosebumps so often!

Look at those little german singing faces!!
Look at those little german sluts singing their stupid little faces!!

The Berlin Celebration Concert – Beethoven, Symphony No 9 Bernstein 1989

http://youtu.be/IInG5nY_wrU?t=1h9m40s – For the time that particularlly excits me.

Plus you need those German bastards singing it.

I think I’ve made my mind up and I want to see all 9 of these bastards, I am in Wien after all. If they don’t show it who else would (Most every other country in the world, fuck you jay)

Are old people moody?

Just had a thought, on average are old people more grumpy then young people? I have to say i’ve met some pretty grumpy people who are older then me. I guess when your old your grumpy when your young your just a cock.

Maybe older people are angry that they don’t have smooth skin anymore. Thats enough to get people grumpy. Or maybe their grumpy because when i try to cheer them up they just plain don’t like me. Interesting thought that as it happens. Maybe their not grumpy at all and do loads of out door activities when i’m not about.

Who knows, not everybody who is old is grumpy anyway lol

Smoke, why not fart

This was the original reasoning for start a blog. I have to say i feel a little bit like a small child posting stuff like this on the internet. But heck there are worse things on the net then this blog i’m sure.

So the point, i was walking to work and was walking behind some stupid women who was smoking (smoking is stupid). I had to pick up the pace as the smoke was going right into my mouth and more or less i had to suffer her creamy smoke as i walked to work. This basically gave me the thought i have to suck your exhaled gases would it be socially acceptable if i just walked behind you and just farted in your mouth while we work to f’i work? Maybe i’ll build a seat that can hoist me up so my arse is just far enough away that you won’t touch it but close enough that you can still feel the heat from my lovely cheeks. Man this made me angry.

I mean is it so different? The only difference i can see is that mine wouldn’t actually bad for her health maybe just her breath. lol

Facebook Stalking….

Ok my first post, but i was just sitting here working on a match selection process for Mayfield, Pretty fun stuff, when i commented on “grahams” wall. Short story shorter it turned out this guy wasn’t the happy to help Graham i thought it was. Its some small chap from Wycombe and i have 8 friends in common with him :O Odd as that is the 8 friends i have in common with him i have no idea who these lovely people are. Preceded to look through who they are. Then had the thought “is it better to message a potential prey (girl or boy if you swing that way, but then if u do swing that way surly they’ll be up for it anyway) or just add them as your friend?”  This wasn’t a random thought, there was a (sorry tach) pretty girl who was a friend of my ‘friend’.

So a guy it makes no difference we’d be game if a random attractive girl started chatting to us anyway. But girls probably get a crap load of guys trying it on them anyway. What’s my point? …… lol lost my own trail of thought. OK so would a girl prefer to receive a lovely warm message from a bored guy just looking for a chat or just a random add from a bloke, which might then lead to a message?

I think i’d be happy with either 😉

I may try my hand at skinning this little bitch :p