Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt!

Aside from the fact that the conductor looks like the perfect kiddy fiddler/slow slicing murderous cannibal. Not many songs bring such a smile to my face as the Lug dawg, not to mention goosebumps so often!

Look at those little german singing faces!!
Look at those little german sluts singing their stupid little faces!!

The Berlin Celebration Concert – Beethoven, Symphony No 9 Bernstein 1989

http://youtu.be/IInG5nY_wrU?t=1h9m40s – For the time that particularlly excits me.

Plus you need those German bastards singing it.

I think I’ve made my mind up and I want to see all 9 of these bastards, I am in Wien after all. If they don’t show it who else would (Most every other country in the world, fuck you jay)