Sex Diaries is a Sex Tracker

It seems to me that the name choice for the new App Sex Diaries which lets its users track their sex and get naughty little graphs and what not was a bad name choice in hindsight.

Anything with Sex in it is a rather hot keyword. Much to my shame.

The key to success? Change my name and make sure people know that Sex Diaries is a Sex Tracker and not just some diary that does nothing.

Alas, we won’t change the name but I will try and make sure people know that Sex Diaries is a Sex Tracker which is no easy task.

Blogging about it… If you’ve got one blog about it as well 😀

Sex Diaries is now on the play store. Let the social media begin…

So, after much up and downing with my emotions the app is now currently living:

Brilliant. This makes me very happy, shame though that I can no longer manage the app.

The app is still 0.0.1 so very far from being finished, but its still time to get the social side of things going.

      • Step 1: Get my Facebook page up to scratch
      • Step 2: Actually get some content
      • Step 3: Set up an app on there (ye ye, that will come a lot later)
      • Step 4: The most important get some Facebook interactions and likes.

So, Step 4. Well I’ve started some adverts, thanks Ryan. But I still think that 82 Likes, it just doesn’t look that sexy you know?

Que: These guys, offer some very very cheap booster likes. I do believe that I will be going for the Web Page Likes, $22 for 500 likes. If I can get 500 people looking at my site I’ll be a happy man 🙂