Dream 11.08.10

I just tried to text this to josie and got to 8 texts long and realised i’m bloody mental. Jesus i fucking hate talking to nobody about my thoughts. I’d like a blog people could view which wasn’t written by me but about me. Writting a blog seems a sad, lonley self obsessed thing to do. Like a cry for come and take me i’m so bloody important. Heh still can’t swear how i would in real life.

Right then this fucking dream.

Ermm It started off, in fact i should have written this when i woke up. Started off walking down from sainsburys, the 24hour one next to the 24 hour McDonald’s then i was at the drive through with cohen and jaz getting a large quater pounder. i didn’t want to get it as i’m trying to watch my figure and steve tricked me and just got a big mac. So they gave me 2 small chips and i wasn’t best please so i grabbed one of them ate a few then complainined but i thought to myself hang on, i’m not meant to be eating much chips are 500 cals and i’m about to complain and say i ordered a large chips and you gave me two small. Turns out they had ran out of large boxes so all that complaining and thinking was a bloody waste of time.

So we went and ate the meals on some bench in the car park of homebase. Oddly i jumped up the wall with my shopped and food and got a seat with a women and a midget with metal arms.

I have to be honest i’m bored of typing this now. I’m just gunna say, the dude wanted to make sure i was the real jamie so he wanted my shit. This chick said she’d help so she faked it but she wanted ot sexual pleasure with me in exchange.

Again i got bored i can’t be bothered to finish this :p

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