Dreaming again 14.08.10…

This time it was decent but very disappointing when I woke up.

So I was talking to work from Paddington train station. When 3 lorries scrap into each other when one was over taking and the another but one of them had to emergency manoeuvre out of the way so all 3 scrapped.

The two drives on the outside were holding video cameras and I was like say what!!! anyway the middle truck was a lady and she said pull over to the outside lorry. If you knew the road you would have been confused as to how 3 lorries could fit in one lane as it can barely fit one car.

Anyway they both got out and were talking and I walked past a dude with headphones on who listened to it all and as I walked past I said something but he didn’t hear. So I stopped and said it more loudly and then he smiled and took them off. As I looked round I saw the lorry which had caused this all driving off so I like m o g girlfriend. Umm I realised seeing that written down you might not get the way I would say it and argh bugger it who cares. So I ran up to the two people that crashed and was like what, why are you letting him go you need his insurance details not each others. They were like ye ye ye we’ve got them chill. so I was like ermm ok it just happened that this chick was mixed raced and super dupper pretty (fit) so she was chatting to this dirty builder bloke and flirting so I was like ok I see she likes truck drivers and started walking back to the office when she was like so what details do I need from him. Anyway went back to help thinking ooooo yeeee. I said you need each others numbers. but she was still flirting with the ugly bloke. I cracked a joke about the cameras, sex jokes don’t go down well with strangers. Anyway she was wearing a blue dress with flowers all over it and she kept rearranging her boobs which was making it harder for me to talk to her. Turns out she was going the same way as me because she kept following me. Then we went into what is the café now at work but it was random offices and she needed to take care of something. I remember I was like argh crap I’m going back to work but I’m not aloud to. so we go into this place, venus fly trap for £1 I still love her. ermm talked about my sisters black friends erm she got a fly trap I said I like asda they were like ye, then I said I like m&s and they weren’t impressed I made it clear it was a joke. Anyway I’m tired of this story!

OOO Jesus I just remember an entire other part to my dream, argh man its so bloody long.


War zone, star craft, Ashlie mum, waiting outside a house in wood green, turns out to be Robbie keanes house, waiting, a man and a women come, they let us in, the house is rather ordinary, after a while of looking around the man shouts o he can’t be here Robbie doesn’t allow other men in, (just remember a whole nothing part to the f’in dream as well) we got back into the mica car and go to have lunch with my granddad. This some how fades into him having a little bitch about his neighbour from across the road but anyway it turns out that myself and my Nan locked her in the cupboard outside and we were making sure the house was clean enough for my dad I think to view. So Nan was going round really slowly looking under things. The house was Alistair’s but belonged to an old lady. very old and smelly looking. I’m bored of writing these dreams. From now on I think bullet points will do. Anyway the old lady had called the police said that we kidnapped her I had a long phone with her before and during the police coming and she seems quite nice and I couldn’t work out why my grandparents didn’t like her.

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