I was ill

Turns out being ‘ill’ for the last 8 years means you doubt that you are exactly ill at all. I must say its nice to finally be ill officially for once.

Having a constant stream of nose gunk, weak body and getting a fever/flu everytime I do to much exercise means that you get slated by your peers, not to mention your dad, mum, Stephen Cohen telling you you should eat better. It also means that you start to believe you are a baby afterall. Bit like when fat girls get called fat and they start to believe it…..          …

Anyway, i’ve got http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonsillitis or Tonsillitis or:

Baby mouth, stop being a wuss!

Ye ye, its disgusting. I’m here, been here since 7am on a sunday. What does that tell you about me huh? What the hell am I talking about?

I’m ill, lets hope the penicillin they gave me clears up the probems i’ve been having these past 8 years.

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