Ill or just a big wet baby!!!

Arghhh its 5.18am I’ve been up since 4am and waking up every 2 hours to go and do a little wee wee since I went to sleep.

But seeing as I went to bed at 23.30 that non too impressive!

Thoughts are, I’m pleased that I’ve recently learnt to spell i with a capitail, unless..UNLESS it is used in a word with more than one letter. Otherwise its just an i.

However I’m still stuck with the too or to! Normally I guess this one.


and what the hell is this:!!


I managed to not even say why I’m ill, humm. I’ve had it for the past month now, although the fatigue seems to have gotten better, now its just a massively sore throat with swollen glandes. Not the ones near the adams apple (did some internet researching didn’t I 🙂

So, I’m finding when I wake up ill in bed by myself as Tina is away I do think, if I was very ill somehow I’d have to wait until Tina got back on Friday evening for anybody to help me. Tina did write down the emergency numbers somewhere, buttt… I don’t speka the german, fingers crossed I speak to a young paramedic!

So, I’ll be calling doctors tomorrow and trying to see if they will see me, seeing as I’ve had this for a month and the sore throat now gets worse and worse each day! I’m plugging cancer (in fact I’m going to upgrade my health insurance tomorrow to include cancer cover!), seeing as I’ve been ill the last 2 years. I’m routing for just a bloody pussy!

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