Phonegap grunt and backbone

Its been a pleasant evening of coding. Tina is away for 2 evenings. You know you’re a lucky guy when you’ve lived with your women for 3 months and have no is what to do with the cooker.

Still, fish and peas being as the French would say, mon specialité. Roughly translated means my speciality. Meant that I could eat something.


Truly every evening I feel like one lucky son of prostitutes daughter to have the whore bag cook for me 😀 I’m always grateful.

As with the sleep detox I’m on it comes from me being disgustingly fatigued it means I need to pump my temple (body) with pick me ups



Point of the post, it was a lovely nights coding starting at around 10.30 after a lengthy chat with reseig about nothing I got to a nice stage of phonegap working perfectly with backbone and my grunt set up. I’m sleeping content tonight =)

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