Random Thoughts 1

Just had a random thought while i was on the tube today. This was firstly counting all the people on a packed tube. Each carriage could carry (roughly in my head) like 200 people. This then instantly lead my trail of thought to thinking how many of them had “cum” this morning. by what ever means. I thought it must be at least 10 on this train alone. Then i thought, 10’s to little but i’d go with it. So then i thought, jesus thats like 70 people on my train. Then i thought fuck, how many jizz’s do you do your life time. it must be a lot of f’in jizz man. then i thought everybody in this train jizz’s put together must be very very high. I mean i’m at least on 2300+ in my life time, so in the whole train thats like 3,292,800 in the last 8 years. Lets say half of that are blokes. Which i have offten thought about…. Could this fill a swimming pool? I’m confident it could 🙂

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