Sex Diaries is now on the play store. Let the social media begin…

So, after much up and downing with my emotions the app is now currently living:

Brilliant. This makes me very happy, shame though that I can no longer manage the app.

The app is still 0.0.1 so very far from being finished, but its still time to get the social side of things going.

      • Step 1: Get my Facebook page up to scratch
      • Step 2: Actually get some content
      • Step 3: Set up an app on there (ye ye, that will come a lot later)
      • Step 4: The most important get some Facebook interactions and likes.

So, Step 4. Well I’ve started some adverts, thanks Ryan. But I still think that 82 Likes, it just doesn’t look that sexy you know?

Que: These guys, offer some very very cheap booster likes. I do believe that I will be going for the Web Page Likes, $22 for 500 likes. If I can get 500 people looking at my site I’ll be a happy man 🙂

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