Smoke, why not fart

This was the original reasoning for start a blog. I have to say i feel a little bit like a small child posting stuff like this on the internet. But heck there are worse things on the net then this blog i’m sure.

So the point, i was walking to work and was walking behind some stupid women who was smoking (smoking is stupid). I had to pick up the pace as the smoke was going right into my mouth and more or less i had to suffer her creamy smoke as i walked to work. This basically gave me the thought i have to suck your exhaled gases would it be socially acceptable if i just walked behind you and just farted in your mouth while we work to f’i work? Maybe i’ll build a seat that can hoist me up so my arse is just far enough away that you won’t touch it but close enough that you can still feel the heat from my lovely cheeks. Man this made me angry.

I mean is it so different? The only difference i can see is that mine wouldn’t actually bad for her health maybe just her breath. lol

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