Firefox 25…. Development tools aye?

Good things make me smile. But not only on my cheeky little face, but inside. Deep inside. Where do these chemicals come from? I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody knew.

So firefox 25 was released and I installed, of course. But apparently I hadn’t tried cntrl+shift+c for a while. But they have their own dev tools, they have for a while admittedly. But they have always been gobshite.

Que, these:


FUCK YE! Bloody good and proper stuff right there. This makes me happy inside, not just externally. Now, the question is am I going to use them or just think, thats cool and go back to firebug :p

New site and first jQuery plugin

9 years ago i decided that i wanted to be a web developer.

Now here i am redoing my portfolio and finishing off my simple jQuery form plugin. I’m not sure if i thought I would be further ahead in my development as a coder or that I’ve done quite well.

If I look through my client list I think I should be impressed, but when I couldn’t care less about the clients so much I care about how much i know about coding. Its a little bit of a weird one. No matter how much I learn or think I have learnt I never feel that I have learnt anything as this opens so many doors to new techniques/standards.

I love this job and everything to do with learning.