Facebook Stalking….

Ok my first post, but i was just sitting here working on a match selection process for Mayfield, Pretty fun stuff, when i commented on “grahams” wall. Short story shorter it turned out this guy wasn’t the happy to help Graham i thought it was. Its some small chap from Wycombe and i have 8 friends in common with him :O Odd as that is the 8 friends i have in common with him i have no idea who these lovely people are. Preceded to look through who they are. Then had the thought “is it better to message a potential prey (girl or boy if you swing that way, but then if u do swing that way surly they’ll be up for it anyway) or just add them as your friend?”  This wasn’t a random thought, there was a (sorry tach) pretty girl who was a friend of my ‘friend’.

So a guy it makes no difference we’d be game if a random attractive girl started chatting to us anyway. But girls probably get a crap load of guys trying it on them anyway. What’s my point? …… lol lost my own trail of thought. OK so would a girl prefer to receive a lovely warm message from a bored guy just looking for a chat or just a random add from a bloke, which might then lead to a message?

I think i’d be happy with either 😉

I may try my hand at skinning this little bitch :p