Yeoman = Mind Blown!!

Ok, so I haven’t used Yo for more than 2minitues, but I must say, if it delivers as much as it is seemly offering I really must admit the clever guys have out done themselves.

Will this mean I’ll never have to do anything in setting up a project i laugh out loud with the prospect of that.

Everything I had about projects will be solved, expect IE8.

So, it just so happens that I’m starting a new project so the timing couldn’t be better, one command and apparently I’ve got a grunt script installed with phonegap, livereload and tasks already set up for dev, local and prod.

Bloody excited!

2 thoughts

  1. It is pretty awesome. I went to a 1 day conference and some guy from Google showed us Yeoman as well as Grunt (another thing to look at). Yeoman looks really helpful, shame we can’t use it here.

  2. That’s true, your stupid firewall :p

    But, you could use grunt there if your project required it. Yeoman just makes everything automated. You could also start using sass over less, which you could then use compass and susy and you wouldn’t have to define any grids or the likes manually and compass/susy are constantly updated. FTW, i think they say :p

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